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City and EVgo officials celebrated the opening of South Pasadena’s
first public fast chargers with a ceremonial ribbon cutting on Oct. 4.

The City’s first fast chargers for electric vehicles are now available to the public! On Monday, Oct. 4, our City Council and staff joined joined with EVgo to celebrate the opening of two public fast chargers located at 820 Mound Ave., conveniently located in South Pasadena’s Historic Business District. The EVgo station features the first public fast chargers in South Pasadena.

The fast chargers are part of a larger City environmental sustainability program to improve air quality, reduce pollution and fight climate change. Expect more details on our “Green Action Plan” in the coming months.

The Mound Avenue parking lot location includes two 50kW EVgo DC fast chargers, equipped with both CCS and CHAdeMO connectors. The stations can charge all fast charge capable EV up to 90 miles in about 30 minutes, depending on a vehicle’s battery size and charge rate. The EVgo South Pasadena fast chargers are part of a statewide construction plan that has added more than 500 EVgo fast chargers across California. 

The EVgo team shared with us some amazing statistics: More than 80% of Californians live within a 15-minute drive of an EVgo fast charger, and EVgo has contracted for 100% renewable energy to power its customers, becoming the first EV charging network in the United States to do so.

If you own an electric vehicle I hope you will take advantage of this new resource. And if you don’t own an electric vehicle, perhaps this will be your incentive to get one!

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