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I am proud to announce that the City recently adopted its first Green Action Plan.  Developed in collaboration with the Natural Resources and Environmental Commission, the Plan maps out environmental sustainability initiatives in five categories: 

  • Working towards making the City plastic-free
  • Enhancing water conservation
  • Increasing organics diversion from the landfill
  • Mitigating the impacts of urban heat island effect
  • Preparing for future sustainability initiatives

Within each category are objectives and specific actions to be taken over the next 18 months. The Plan serves as a short term action guide while the City is completing a more comprehensive Climate Action Plan (CAP) under a grant from a regional planning agency.  The CAP will focus more broadly on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and will ultimately build on the Green Action Plan when complete in 2020.  The Public Works Department was recently reorganized to create an environmental sustainability team who will be focused on implementation of green initiatives.

The Green Action Plan can be found here:

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