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Vaccination info can be found at

Beginning March 1st, eligibility for vaccinations in LA County opens up for education and childcare workers who work or live in LA County. All eligible workers will be able to sign up for appointments starting next week at various community vaccine sites including pharmacies, health clinics, and City of LA vaccination sites listed on

In addition to getting vaccinated at the many pharmacies and clinics across the County, child care workers will have a dedicated vaccination site opened for them at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles along with specific days allotted for early childcare and education personnel at LA County large capacity vaccination sites on Saturdays where they can receive the vaccine.

Personnel at independent/private schools will also be able to be vaccinated at County vaccination sites.

Also eligible for vaccinations beginning Monday, are workers in the food and agricultural sector and emergency service workers and first responders.

Learn more about the different vaccination tiers and find out when it’s your turn to receive your free COVID-19 vaccination, by visiting


Myth v Fact

Myth: I don’t need the vaccine if I already had COVID-19.

Fact: We don’t know how long natural immunity – the immunity you get from having been sick – lasts. We also don’t know if it is complete. There have been a few well-documented cases of people being infected twice. So even if you have had COVID-19 and recovered, you will benefit from the vaccine.

Find more mythbusting information at


The Biden administration announced the change to the Paycheck Protection Program on Monday, along with other measures to improve access to funding for minority-owned businesses. Small businesses and nonprofits with fewer than 20 employees will have a two-week exclusive window to apply for Paycheck Protection Program funds beginning Wednesday, February 24, 2021 at 9 am ET. This will give lenders and community partners more time to work with the smallest businesses to submit their applications, while also ensuring that larger PPP-eligible businesses will still have plenty of time to apply for and receive support before the program expires on March 31, 2021. The administration will also offer more relief to sole proprietors and independent contractors, with $1 billion set aside for those located in low-and moderate-income areas.

The Paycheck Protection Program was developed as a way to keep small businesses afloat during the pandemic by offering them forgivable loans under the agreement they do not lay off workers. The program has made more than $662 billion in loans available to businesses, money that can be used to fund payroll, or pay mortgage interest, rent utilities or other costs related to the pandemic. 


Teens interested in volunteering with the South Pasadena Public Library during the 2021 Summer Reading Program should complete the interest form now to receive the volunteer application and information which will be emailed in early March. Interested volunteers must be completing 6th grade this year to apply. Those chosen to be a volunteer will be notified by April 30.

This year’s Summer Reading Program will run from Tuesday, June 1 through Saturday, July 31. Teen volunteering begins on Monday, May 17. Volunteers are expected to complete at least 20 hours of work. Tasks will include writing book reviews, letters to local seniors, sidewalk chalk art, and creating craft samples.

Questions? Email


Know Your Tier

On March 1st, 3 additional sectors – Education and Childcare, Emergency Services and First Responders, and Food & Agriculture – will be eligible to be vaccinated here in LA County. We are working with these sectors and other partners to finalize vaccination strategies that offer multiple sites where eligible workers can get vaccinated.

Education and Childcare

Emergency Services and First Responders

Food and Agriculture

Learn more about the different vaccination tiers and find out when it’s your turn to receive your free COVID-19 vaccination, by visiting VaccinateLACou


Last month, South Pasadena Public Library’s Teen Advisory Board (TAB) launched its sixth cohort. TAB is made up of high school-aged volunteers dedicated to helping and improving the library. This semester TAB has 8 returning students and 10 first-time members.

This cohort will be busy! They have already provided feedback on a tutorial created by library staff for SPUSD’s e-book platform SORA. They studied the history of zines and made their own at home. Now they are testing the library’s new mobile app to provide the library with feedback before the app goes live. Throughout the spring, TAB will help the Library with a variety of ongoing projects, as well as advise on aspects of the Summer Reading Program for teens.

Check-out TAB Recommends, a list of reading recommendations for teens made by the fall TAB cohort. TAB members decided what genres to include and what books went under each genre.

TAB recruitment for the fall 2021 cohort will begin in July. For more information visit the TAB webpage or keep an eye on the library’s Instagram and Facebook for updates!

Cathy Billings
Library Director


Reopening schools

The County reached an important milestone Monday that enables schools to open on-site learning for grades TK through 6. The key factor is the County’s sustained adjusted case rate of under 25 new cases per 100,000 people for five consecutive days, which meets the State’s requirements for reopening, provided schools are in full compliance with State and County directives. The criteria for reopening grades 7 through 12 will be met when the County’s case rate drops below seven per 100,000 people. For more information, go to: