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The Finance Commission will hold a special meeting on Wednesday, April 22 at 9:00 a.m., to receive an informational presentation on the City’s current fiscal position. As a result of the current health crisis the City is facing significant financial implications. The Finance Commission will review budget impacts and recovery efforts which will need to be considered for the financial sustainability of the City. The Commission will also be presented with an updated budget outreach schedule to help gather feedback regarding the Fiscal Year 2021 budget.     


  • All meetings will continue to be broadcast live on Spectrum/TWC Channel 19 and AT&T Channel 99 for cable customers who reside in the City.
  • Meetings are also live streamed and available on the City’s website.

Public Comment by Email
Finance Commission Meeting

  • Finance Commission Meeting Public Comments are accepted via email:
    • Public Comments will be accepted for the special Finance Commission Meeting from the time the agenda is posted to 5 p.m. the day before the meeting, April 21, to allow staff time to compile comments prior to the meeting.
    • Comments will be distributed to the Commission for consideration and will be posted on the City’s website for public review.
    • Please indicate whether you would like to have your comment read during the meeting, limited to 150 words.
    • Comments Guidelines:
      • Subject Line: Indicate Meeting Date and Agenda Item or indicate if it is a General Public Comment (4/13/2020, Agenda Item #10)
      • Include your name and address
      • Public Comment in the body of the email
      • Comments should be in accordance with the City’s Council Statement of Civility: We treat each other, members of the public and city employees with patience, civility and courtesy as a model of the same behavior we wish to reflect in South Pasadena for the conduct of all city business and community participation.

Karen Aceves
Finance Director


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