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The Public Works Department has reviewed requests to automate cross walks so that pedestrians are not required to touch the pedestrian push buttons.  Pedestrian push buttons at the traffic signals are required by ADA, they help visually impaired person to safely navigate thru the intersections. Removal of push buttons will put the traffic signals on a fixed cycle pattern, requiring the maximum green pedestrian time long enough for an ADA person to safely navigate the street will be continuously assigned to all approaches throughout the day irrespective of the street traffic volume and presence of pedestrians. This will potentially cause excessive and unacceptable delays to vehicular as well as pedestrians traffic. Pedestrians may not want to wait that long especially once the vehicular traffic is low and they see gaps between the traffic. This may result in increased pedestrian violations of “do not walk” signals, which itself will be a huge safety concern. Moving forward the City will be deploying technologies that will cater ADA requirements and at the same time will allow pedestrian to cross the street without the need to push the button. 

Shahid Abbas
Public Works Director


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