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Vaccine slide show

The first shipment of vaccines arrived today at 1 of the 9 pre-positioned sites, with the remaining 8 sites receiving their shipment over the next few days. The next allocation of vaccines is expected a week later, and we will continue to receive weekly shipments thereafter starting in January.

The current expected initial allocation for L.A. County is 82,875 doses, and we are expecting two additional allocations in December. This does not include allocations for Long Beach and Pasadena, which have their own independent health departments and are receiving their own allocations. All 82,875 doses in the first shipment will be used to vaccinate healthcare workers, prioritizing those at the highest risk of exposure to COVID-19.

While it will take several months to distribute vaccines widely, there is cause for hope today. In the meantime, please, stay home as much possible, wear your face covering and keep your distance from others. We must protect each other.


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