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Cases are increasing

Our daily case numbers are unlike any we have ever seen in our County and reflect extraordinarily high rates of community transmission; activities we were able to do just a few weeks back, now present far too much risk for virus transmission.

In order for us to stop the surge, L.A. County residents will need to use the tools at hand to slow community transmission and reduce the number of infected people. The strategies that work remain the same:

  • No gatherings/events with others outside of your immediate household;
  • Always and correctly wear face coverings/masks when around others, and;
  • Always maintain your physical distance from others who are not from your household

During this surge, everyone should also stay at home except to provide or receive essential services, avoid all non-essential travel, get tested if you have symptoms or an exposure, and isolate immediately from your family and others if you have symptoms or test positive for COVID-19. If we take these actions, we will save lives.


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