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The love between a human and their pet is unlike any other. If you are a pet owner, you know this well. In an effort to keep LA County residents and their pets healthy, we bring you the latest on what we know about COVID-19 and its effect on pets:

There is no current evidence indicating that pets can transmit COVID-19 to humans or other pets. However, we urge you to treat your pet as you would another member of your family. If you are feeling sick, keep them away. See if another family member or friend can care for your pet while you’re healing. And if you’re not sick, keep your pet away from non-household humans and animals, as a precaution.

It is possible (but rare) for dogs to be infected by COVID-19. Studies show that if they are infected, COVID-19 does not cause them to get sick. 

Cats are more easily infected by COVID-19, than dogs, and they seem to get mildly sick. The virus which causes COVID-19 enters a human’s “ACE2” receptor cells. Thus far, studies have shown that a cat’s ACE2 receptor cells are similar to that of humans – while a dog’s ACE2 cells are only about 70% similar. 

If you are not sick, practice good hygiene by washing your hands before & after handling your pet. Do not let your pet lick your face and hands, kiss them on the face or share food with them.Owners of service animals., wear a face mask/covering and avoid hugging & kissing your pet.


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