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Fire Department staff continues to be in communications with the Administrator of the South Pasadena Care Center regarding the increase in the number of positive COVID-19 patients at the facility. Currently, LA County Department of Health (LADH) is reporting 16 staff members, 37 residents who have tested positive for COVID-19. Unfortunately, there are three deaths associated with the 37 cases involving residents.

Fire Department staff continues to be in contact with LADH, our representative with the Ombudsman’s Office and Huntington Memorial Hospital to ensure the facility is adhering to LA County guidelines. On Wednesday, April 22nd, an inspection was conducted at the facility by LADH. The report indicated the Care Center is in fact following LA County Health protocols. The most urgent need in ensuring that the staff has enough PPE’s to safely treat patients. Efforts are underway to try and secure additional supplies of PPE’s for the facility. Fire Department staff will continue to monitor the situation and assist as needed. The attached link from LA County Department of Health provides daily updated numbers of confirmed cases.

Paul Riddle
Fire Chief


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