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It’s exciting and encouraging that the County has begun to amend the Stay at Home order to allow businesses to open. While it’s limited now, more and more will open in the coming months under the multi-phased plan spelled out by the County to bring the full economy back online gradually. The pace of progress seems slow to some, but it’s important to remember that we are not moving past the virus yet, just learning to live with it.  It’s still just as contagious, and just as deadly — the threat is just as great. What we’re really doing now is restructuring to minimize impacts as much as possible while returning to daily life.

There are inherent challenges in doing that, and a tremendous amount of fear, so we must be thoughtful and measured in our plans to reopen.  That’s why the County has based their strategy on data.  After each phase of reopening we will wait several weeks to see how the changes impact the number of cases, hospitalization rates and death rates. If we have not triggered a dangerous surge in infection, we will move to the next phase.

The current phase allows some outdoor recreation and curbside pickup only for retail because these are low risk activities. Offices, restaurants, and malls are currently not allowed to reopen because they are higher risk activities, but they will be brought online in the coming weeks.  Personal care businesses that require closer contact, such as nail and hair salons, fitness facilities, and spas, will be brought online later. The last to be opened will be anything that involves large gatherings of people since these pose the most threat to infection.

For more information, please see the attached graphic or visit the County webpage at

Stephanie DeWolfe
City Manager


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