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With the unprecedented changes brought upon the City due to COVID-19, the Senior Center and Dial A Ride staff are happy to report that there has been an increase for total meals now being delivered. Staff are working on ensuring home delivered meals have continued to ensure that seniors who are safer at home are getting the meals they need. From a pre-closure average of 144 meals delivered staff have now reported that there is now over an average of 563 meals. In addition to this, Islands restaurant is also providing 50 meals every Friday to support South Pasadena senior residents. As meals have increased, we are proud to say that there are over 91 residents who have received home delivered meals this week. The City would like to thank Senior Center and Dial A Ride staff for all their hard work in ensuring that all residents are able to have home delivered meals provided while remaining safer at home!

Shelia Pautsch
Community Services Director


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