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In August of 2019, “Spikey,” a 100 pound, Sulcata Desert Tortoise escaped from a home in the 2000 block of Alpha in South Pasadena. Spikey was crossing the street when three individuals stopped to pick Spikey up and load him into a white truck. Despite neighbors telling these subjects, the tortoise belonged to a resident on their street; they continued to drive off with Spikey in the rear of the truck. The resident contacted the SPPD, and a Grand Theft report was made with the department. Unfortunately, Spikey was never recovered, and the suspect(s) involved in this incident were never identified or located.

On May 23rd, 2020, residents from Altadena were out for a run at the Rose Bowl and saw a giant tortoise grazing along the grassy area of the parking lot and figured it was probably someone’s pet. They decided to lift this heavy beast into their car and brought it home. The resident searched the internet for lost tortoises and located our Crime Bulletin (formatted for public view) on the stolen tortoise. The finder contacted our Detective regarding the case. Photographs of the found tortoise were provided to Spikey’ s owner, and ultimately an identification was made. Earlier this week, the owner and Spikey were reunited this week. The owners were extremely grateful that the Altadena residents were so kind to take the time out of their busy lives and follow up as they did. The South Pasadena Police Department was happy we could facilitate the reunion.

Joe Ortiz
Police Chief


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