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All physical items checked out from the library are now eligible for auto renewal. This means that if no one else is waiting for the checked-out items, they will be renewed automatically for an additional three weeks. Items may have a maximum of two auto renewals, for a 9 week total check-out period.

Auto renewal gives customers one less thing to worry about during these difficult times, however it is important to be aware of which items were not renewed because they are on hold for another customer; those items must be returned by their original due date. The best way to stay informed about the status of your check-outs is to have a working email address associated with your library account so that you can receive auto renewal notices. Adding or editing your email address is incredibly easy to do by logging into the catalog in web browser or on a mobile device.

Watch our short video tutorial on how to add or update your email address and then visit the Library catalog and log in to add/update your email address today! Parents/guardians/caregivers should also remember to check the accounts of children to ensure notices are being sent to an email address that is regularly checked. Not only will you receive notices about whether items have or have not been renewed, you will also receive due date reminders, and in the near future, hold pick-up notifications.

Cathy Billings
Library Director


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