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The City Council recently formed a subcommittee (comprised of Councilmembers Khubesrian and Schneider) to work with the Public Safety Commission subcommittee to examine policing in South Pasadena. A task force (comprised of South Pasadena Police Department leadership) has also been created to work with our Public Safety Commission. Together, they will review the use of force policies, establish the need for police reform, and focus on the eight policy reforms urged by Campaign Zero.

Collaboratively, the groups will foster on-going listening and dialogue forums with the community around police reform. These forums will be open to the public and the first such forum is scheduled from 3-5 pm on July 16, 2020. It will be a virtual town hall meeting, via Zoom, comprised of concerned members of the community.

The policy discussions and future goals of upcoming meetings are meant to be part of an inclusive and dynamic strategy to move forward towards long term solutions with law enforcement, community leaders, elected officials, and social justice organizations. Decisions on police reform and use of force policies will not be made immediately or without a public process.

If you are interested in attending the meeting, (via Zoom) or would like to provide a comment about this topic, you are encouraged to send an email to


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