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On May 28, 2020, community members gathered virtually to learn about the proposed strategies and actions to be included in the City’s Climate Action Plan (CAP). Over 100 community members tuned in to participate or watch the virtual meeting live and the meeting has been viewed over 160 times since. One of the proposed measures included the possibility of banning piping of natural gas in new buildings. The measure would allow the City to “engage with stakeholders…; conduct a cost effectiveness study; develop and draft an ordinance; conduct public hearings, public notices, and formally adopt the ordinance.” The measure was presented as a “mid-term” measure, meaning it may be implemented with the public’s support in 3-5 years after the adoption of the CAP. Since this meeting, there has been some misinformation being circulated among the community that falsely states that City Council is looking to ban natural gas during this economic and health crisis without community input. Rest assured, the Climate Action Plan is still in the development phase and will not be going to Council until the end of the year. Once adopted, it may still take several years for an ordinance as such to be implemented (as indicated in the CAP).

In addition, a three-week community survey was conducted to solicit feedback on every proposed measure and community input is being continuously collected via the CAP website. This feedback is being used to update the measures and create the first draft of the CAP. To continue this transparent and collaborative process, a third community meeting will be held when the draft CAP is ready for review. South Pasadena residents will have yet another opportunity to weigh in. For more information on the CAP, visit:   


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