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On Thursday July 30, 2020. Officers responded to Diamond/Monterey in response to numerous 911 calls reporting a man was acting erratic and violent, screaming and jumping in and out of traffic. At one point, a caller reported the subject chased a child down the street with something in his hand. Officers quickly arrived, contacted a 46-year old, unhoused resident armed with a screwdriver in his back pocket and contained the scene.

The subject was swinging a license plate at officers, possessed numerous hypodermic needles, all while taunting officers to engage him in a fight. A mental health clinician was requested to assist at the location, while officers spent approximately 30 minutes utilizing de-escalation and crisis communication with the subject. Prior to the clinician arriving at the scene, circumstances developed, and officers were forced to take action and were able to safely detain the subject. No one was hurt and the subject was eventually transported to Huntington Memorial Hospital for a mental health evaluation. 

Joe Ortiz
Police Chief


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