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New CA Framework

New State COVID-19 Framework Last Friday, the State of California released a new tiered framework to more easily communicate the extent of community transmission in counties across the state. The above graphic is a summary of: 1) the state’s tiers, 2) the indicators they are tracking, and 3) how counties are being classified (as having either widespread, substantial, moderate or minimal spread of the COVID-19 virus in their communities). Moving forward, California will use this new tier system to guide possible sector re-openings for counties to consider.What Does the New Framework Mean for LA County?In LA County, the ultimate decisions about sector re-openings will remain under the purview of the County Health Officer Orders, which are developed in consultation with LA County’s Board of Supervisors.As demonstrated by the below graphic, LA County is currently in Tier 1 – meaning that there continues to be widespread transmission of the virus in the county.

LA County and New Framework

Per the State, LA County’s current number of 7-day average of new cases (per day per 100,000 people) is 13 – nearly double the threshold for moving up to Tier 2 (which requires that LA County have less than 7 new cases per day per 100,000 population).LA County’s current test positivity rate is 5%. And even though this places us in Tier 2 (Red) for this metric, when the two metrics fall in different tiers, the State places counties in the most restrictive tier; hence, LA County (like most counties in California) has been placed in Tier 1.Our path forward for reopening depends on LA County being able to reduce community transmission significantly, so children and teachers can get back to their classrooms and more people can get back to their jobs with as much safety as possible.For more information on the State’s new framework, visit the CA Department of Public Health (CDPH) website here. For guidance, reopening protocols or a list of what is open or remains closed in LA County, visit LA County’s Department of Public Health.


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