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Here in Southern California, we need to be ready for threats such as wildfires, windstorms, mudslides and earthquakes. Just this weekend, our neighbors in Arcadia and Sierra Madre were forced to evacuate their homes due to the Bobcat Fire. The thought of preparing for so many possible emergencies can feel overwhelming. Where to begin? The South Pasadena Amateur Radio Club invites you to find answers by exploring their resources during National Preparedness Month. 

SPARC hosts a “Preparing for Emergencies” page at The content, selected by SPARC members, includes links to comprehensive guides, earthquake early warning apps, survival kit suggestions, and more. 

National Preparedness Month, organized each September by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is the ideal time to get ready. SPARC encourages everyone to spend September taking steps now that will help our families, neighbors and community later. And after getting organized in September, you can practice your plans during the annual Great Shakeout event in October. This year, the Great Shakeout takes place at 10:15 am on Thursday, October 15. Full details are available at

There’s no one “right way” to prepare, so SPARC is committed to promoting a range of advice and tips. If you know of a preparedness resource you’d like to share, feel free to contact SPARC through the “Contact Us” form on its website. 

About SPARC: The South Pasadena Amateur Radio Club connects local ham radio operators and provides opportunities to enjoy the radio hobby.  Members conduct weekly on-air exercises and discuss technology, communications and emergency preparedness at monthly meetings. Find out more at


Rick Besocke, President

John Aboud, Vice-President

Bob Vanderwall, Treasurer 


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