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City Manager Stephanie DeWolfe has announced that she will retire from her position as City Manager, effective September 12, 2020.   Effective immediately Fire Chief Paul Riddle will assume the role of Acting City Manager. At Council’s direction Acting City Manager, Chief Riddle, will continue to lead the remaining COVID‐19 response and begin taking the action necessary to safely move our community forward. Stephanie DeWolfe served the City as its City Manager from November 6, 2017 until her separation and retirement date of September 12, 2020 (her last day of service was September 11, 2020).  “The City Council  wishes her the best in the next chapter of her life,” said Mayor Bob Joe. The City will begin the recruitment process, which usually takes several months, for a new City Manager, and will likely appoint an interim city manager during the recruitment process so that the Fire Chief can return his full attention to his critically important duties.  


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