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Stay Housed L.A. County

LA County has launched Stay Housed L.A. County, a new program which connects tenants facing eviction with legal assistance, and virtual educational workshops, to help keep county residents in their homes amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The new program is a partnership between the County of LA, legal aid groups, and community-based organizations to provide emergency support to tenants in need.

Today’s launch included the release of the website, which offers tenants with:

  • useful information about their rights
  • workshops for residents who need legal assistance
  • as well as other support, including case management support

Stay Housed L.A. County serves as an important resource for tenants who are facing housing uncertainty — including bilingual residents and those with undocumented status — about their rights and who need legal support navigating their interactions with their landlord and the legal system. When tenants have legal representation, a family’s chance of avoiding homelessness due to eviction increases by over 70 percent. Learn more about Stay Housed L.A. County, by watching this short video or visiting


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