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Summer might be over, but the fun has just begun! The City, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, has successfully installed concrete barricades to implement the Al Fresco Dining and Retail Pilot Program along Mission Street. The use of the parking lanes in these locations will provide businesses with an additional opportunity to expand their operations outdoors to provide patrons with a safe dining and shopping experience during the pandemic. Please note public parking is available at the City parking lots located at the parking garage on Meridian Avenue and Mission Street and the corner of Mound Avenue and Hope Street. The concrete barricades and Al Fresco Program will continue to be in place until 90-days after the City Council declares the end of the local emergency. Businesses interested in participating in the Al Fresco Program can submit an application to the City; applications are available on the City’s Economic Development webpage:

Joanna Hankamer
Planning and Community Development Director


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