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Even during the pandemic, the South Pasadena Police Department’s Homeless Outreach Program for Education, (HOPE) Team deploys 24/7, conducting outreach day and night while out on patrol to assist the homeless and educate them about COVID-19, the importance on social distancing as well as providing available resources, including emergency shelters in the area.

A resident recently brought to our attention a few homeless encampments that were believed to be located on the West side of the Nature Park along the Arroyo Trail. The Homeless Outreach team canvassed the area and located two medium encampments and one small encampment in the park. Two unhoused neighbors were contacted and informed they needed to relocate themselves and personal belongings to a different location.  The unhoused residents were extremely cooperative and asked if our team could help them clean up and relocate their property. The team spent a short time providing our pick-up truck’s services, and the unhoused neighbors cleaned up the sites and disposed of some trash. In the end, our team help relocate some of their personal belongings and learned that our unhoused neighbors had a place to stay in Highland Park. As we parted ways, resources and food were provided to our visitors.  

Joe Ortiz
Police Chief


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