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Reopening Cycle

The following sectors are permitted to reopen:


As of October 1st, nail salons may reopen for indoor services, limited at 25 percent occupancy. Nail salons are encouraged to continue to offer services outdoors, where the air circulation is better and there is lower risk of disease transmission.


October 5th, cardrooms are permitted to reopen for outdoor gaming only; face coverings are to be worn at all times, unless patrons are in a designated outdoor dining area. Food and beverages may not be served at any gaming tables. Cardrooms should be in full compliance with the HOO order and protocols before re-opening.

Indoor Malls

Wednesday, October 7th, indoor shopping malls will be allowed to reopen at 25 percent maximum occupancy; all food courts and all common areas remain closed per the state order.


Outdoor playgrounds may reopen, at the approval and discretion of cities and the County Parks and Recreation Department. All parents and children age 2 and older who use playgrounds in the County must always wear a cloth face covering, there is no eating or drinking allowed at the playground, and parents are encouraged to monitor their children to ensure that they maintain a 6-foot physical distance from other children not in their households and that they take infection control procedures. Indoor playgrounds do remain closed. Exceptions are playgrounds located at childcare facilities.

Note: All operators of businesses that have recently been allowed to reopen are required to implement all Public Health protocols before reopening to ensure compliance and avoid citations, fines and possible closure. As a reminder, to help prevent a spike in cases as we have seen in the past following a reopening, please be sure to wear your face covering, practice safe social distancing and follow all Public Health Guidelines. 


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