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Vote Early

We are less than a month away from election day, and LA County wants you to safely exercise your right to vote during the pandemic. We’re really lucky to take advantage of the fact that everyone in California gets a ballot by mail to fill out in the privacy of their own home and send in at no cost. This is one of the safest ways to cast your vote this November.

If you prefer or need to go and vote at a voting site, our voting sites will be implementing protocols to create as much safety as possible for voters and poll workers. We’re working closely with the registrar recorder to put in place all of the safeguards that are needed so that people who want to vote at one of the sites can do so and feel safe going to the sites. Some of the sites in LA County will be open 10 days before the election day and almost all the other sites will be open 5 days before election day.

As with all activities we do through the pandemic, it is always best to plan early and take the maximum amount of precautions you and your family needs. If you’re a person with an underlying health condition, this is the time to think through how to reduce the risk to yourself and minimize your exposures by either using that mail-in ballot or going to one of the voting sites at a time when it’s not crowded.

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