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The City has officially lifted the boil water order. Results from a second round of testing were ALL NEGATIVE, confirming the water is safe and no longer requires boiling before use. The California State Water Resources Board Division of Drinking Water required two consecutive negative results before the order could be officially lifted. Water samples were collected for bacteriological testing on Saturday and Sunday morning, both yielding negative results.

To receive important safety messages from the City, sign up for ConnectSouthPas. The notification system allows you to select how you would like officials to contact you in an emergency (email, voice or text message) and register multiple points of interest within the City.

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One thought on “UPDATE: Boil Water Order Lifted

  1. Michael Toman says:

    Dear City Hall Scoop Person,

    Just wanted to take a moment to say “Thank You!” for keeping me in the loop.

    In addition to e-mail, I also received two phone messages on my Land Line Phone.

    I used this info to make sure that my Landlord knew about this and also posted a notice downstairs by the mailboxes.

    Thanks again.

    Stay Safe and Well and Keep Up Your Good Work!

    Always Best Wishes from a Long-Time SoPas Resident,

    Michael D. Toman

    Liked by 1 person

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