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In order to be vaccinated at a site run by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, you will need to show:

  • Proof of age, and
  • Minors age 12-17 only – Consent form (for more details, see below or visit our website)

You do not need to show government-issued ID and you do not need to be a US citizen to get a vaccine. Below, is a list of documents that will be accepted. This list is not complete and other documents may be accepted. One document may meet more than one requirement (e.g. a driver’s license).

If you have health insurance, please bring your health insurance card (COVID-19 vaccines are free regardless of insurance status)

Examples of proof of age:

  • Driver’s license or permit (foreign country or expired ID okay)
  • California ID card or REAL ID card (from the DMV)
  • Consular ID (Matricula Consular)
  • Medicare card
  • Military ID
  • Membership card (foreign country okay if written in English)
  • Passport (foreign country or expired okay)
  • Birth certificate
  • Medical document/records (including immunization records) from medical provider, clinic, or doctor
  • Any official document that includes name and date of birth (for example, school record)

Important information for minors being vaccinated at a site run by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health:

  • A consent form is required for all minors age 12 through 17 at each visit.
  • 16 and 17-year-olds should be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian if possible. If this is not possible, they must bring a consent form signed by their parent or legal guardian.
  • 12 through 15-year-olds must be accompanied by their parent, legal guardian, or a responsible adult. If the child is accompanied by a responsible adult, the consent form must name the responsible person and be signed by the parent or legal guardian.
  • For all minors, the parent, guardian, or responsible person that accompanies them must bring their photo ID.
  • Note: If the minor is being vaccinated at school, consent is required; however, the school’s guidance should be followed on whether a parent/legal guardian or named adult needs to be present.
  • Public Health consent form: English | Español
    Consent forms are available at the vaccination site, or can be printed for free in LA County libraries.

Thank you for your ongoing efforts to protect the health and well-being of LA County residents!


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