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June 15 Reopening

Beginning June 15, almost all sectors and businesses in L.A. County will be able to return to usual operations with some limited exceptions. 

One exception is for mega-events, which are defined as large crowds greater than 5,000 people if indoors, or 10,000 people if outdoors. Regardless of whether these events have assigned seating or not, and whether they are general admission or ticketed, they are considered higher risk for COVID-19 transmission. This is because they involve attendees spending extensive time physically close to people from outside their households and potentially, from outside the state. For that reason, indoor mega events are required to verify either full vaccination status or a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours pre-entry for all attendees. Participants must also follow the state’s mask guidance at these events.

For outdoor mega-events, the same guidance on verifying the vaccination or test status of attendees is offered as a strong recommendation rather than a requirement, and attendees who do not verify their status will need to wear masks.

The state will continue to issue separate guidance to be followed for youth, schools and daycares, healthcare, and high-risk congregate settings. In other settings, on June 15, capacity limitations and physical distancing requirements will be lifted. 

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