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Safe and fun ways to celebrate this holiday season

The winter holidays are a time for joyous celebrations, family get-togethers, and beloved seasonal traditions. It is important to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 while hosting winter holiday events. COVID-19 continues to circulate in LA County due to the highly infectious Delta variant, and everyone must take steps to reduce risk, especially during the
winter season. Click here to find a guide that will help you ensure this is a safe yet wonderful holiday season!


2 thoughts on “Guidance for a Safe Holiday Season

  1. Michael Toman says:

    Dear Mary J. Erejian,

    Will the Fire Department be conducting another “Spark of Love Toy Donation Program” this year?


    Stay Safe and Well as it’s beginning to look a lot like Yet Another COVID Christmas, only this time with vaccines!

    Always Best Wishes,

    Michael D. Toman Retired Reference Librarian ________________________________


    1. maryjerejian1998 says:

      Hi! Yes, the boxes are at the entrance of City Hall and will be there until the week before Christmas. I will be sure to make a post regarding the Toy Drive. Thank you so much, stay safe!


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