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The City of South Pasadena encourages the community to review and comment on the Public Review Draft Housing Element as we await receipt of comments from the State Department of Housing and Community Development.  Accordingly, the comment period has been extended to December 22, 2021.

The Housing Element establishes how the City will guide housing unit development, protection, maintenance and other issues related to quality of life and fair housing for South Pasadena residents.  In this housing element cycle, the State is requiring policies that support construction of a significant number of new units affordable to households at all income levels. Focusing on facilitating the provision of multi-family and mixed-use housing and accessory dwelling units, the Public Review Draft Housing Element has been formulated to comply with State statutes and the Regional Housing Needs Allocation of 2,067 units assigned to South Pasadena.

The Public Review Draft is available to view and download at the South Pasadena Housing Element Update page.  Please send comments by December 22, 2021 to the Community Development Department at:


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