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The City of South Pasadena is soliciting community input as the City looks to comply with SB 1383 – new legislation that requires all residents and businesses to recycle organic waste such as food scraps and food-soiled paper. The new bill requires the City to amend our current contract with our waste hauler to comply.

The City is considering a number of options and costs, one of which includes changing our waste hauling service model from Backyard Service Model – where Athens pick-up trucks collect trash containers from our backyards – to a Curbside Service Model – where residents wheel their trash barrels to the curb for collection.

We want to hear from our residents! If you are a South Pasadena resident of a single-family residence, click here, scan the QR code above, or visit to complete the Waste Collection Survey to provide valuable information in determining what the City of South Pasadena residents want in their waste services. If you are unable to complete the survey online, complete a written survey at the Library, Senior Center, or the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall. This survey does not apply to commercial properties or residents living in multi-family properties.

This survey will be available until Thursday, March 3, 2022.

Your participation is very important to us and we hope you take advantage of this opportunity!


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