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The South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce is proud to bring HOLY FRIT to South Pasadena in partnership with two central characters in the documentary, Judson Studios and Bullseye Glass, and the South Pasadena Arts Council and Mosaic Los Angeles.

The film grew out of casual conversations between two local neighbors, one a burgeoning filmmaker, the other an unknown artist who had charmed his way into winning the commission to create the world’s largest stained-glass window. Together they wind their way through South Pasadena, from Judson Studio’s nearby 100-year-old stained glass studio to Little League games in the Arroyo, documenting the artist’s three-year race against the clock to tackle a career-defining commission. Holy Frit debuted at the Slam Dance Film Festival in 2021 and has won numerous major festival awards from Los Angeles to Warsaw. Tickets for the Chamber’s screening and Q&A, and an additional add-on food & wine reception with the film’s director and the star will be available at Eventbrite. They will be joined by one of the film’s producers, Chris Saito, also a South Pasadena resident!

Click here to buy your tickets: For more information, call the South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce at (626)441-2339.


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