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The Oaklawn Bridge and Waiting Station between Fair Oaks Avenue and Oaklawn Avenue remains temporarily closed, and access is currently restricted.  This closure was implemented out of an abundance of caution, after some cracking along the bridge walls was observed.  At this time, our staff think it is prudent to review the structural integrity of the bridge and to see what options are available to address the observed cracking. 

Public Works has engaged one of their on-call professional service technical advisors, and a structural engineer is scheduled to perform an initial site visit.  After this initial review, Public Works will discuss the observations with their vendor, and establish the level of assessment needed for the bridge.  Once work is completed, our team will be able to provide more information on the state of the bridge and any recommended improvements and costs for City Council consideration. 

As a related effort, staff will begin the assessment of the historic Waiting Station to evaluate the costs to repair the damaged roof, and restore the other elements of the structure.  We apologize for the inconvenience and will keep the community updated with more information as it becomes available.


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