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The use of gas-powered leaf blowers is banned in South Pasadena. Enforcement has started and violations range from a warning to fines amounting to $500! As the property owner, you are responsible for ensuring gas-powered leaf blowers are not used on your property. Non-compliance will be handled by code enforcement. 

Why are Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers Banned?

Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill phasing out the sale of new gas-powered lawn equipment in California by 2024. As a sustainability leader, the City of South Pasadena has instituted an ordinance banning the use of gas-powered leaf blowers in the City. State initiatives are in place to assist professional landscapers in purchasing electric lawn equipment at discounted rates. Visit to learn more about state programs such as California CORE and SCAQMD’s Lawn & Garden Equipment Incentive and Exchange Program. 

Not only do gas-powered leaf blowers jeopardize the health of the operator and bystanders, toxic pollutants emitted during use, such as fine particulate matter, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and smog-forming chemicals pose a threat to the environment. When air is polluted with greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, the gases get trapped in the atmosphere and do not allow heat to escape the Earth. This causes a “greenhouse effect” and results in an increase in heat trapped within the atmosphere, warming the planet. When the overall temperature of the planet increases, we expect increased droughts, wildfires, and declining water supplies. 

The City is committed to a better way of life environmentally and health-wise. We would like to encourage all of our residents to switch from gas-powered leaf blowers to an alternative, such as electric leaf blowers, a rake, or a broom.


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