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Domestic violence is a serious violent crime that includes both physical and emotional abuse. It is frequently hidden from public view. Many victims suffer in silence because they are afraid to seek help or do not know where to turn. The traumatic effects of domestic violence also extend beyond the abused person, impacting family members and communities. While families are sheltered and confined in close quarters with one another, the added emotional and financial stress can often create tense and toxic atmospheres. Catalysts such as these could further lead to domestic abuse, making home an unsafe option. 

Nationally, domestic violence and mental health related calls have been on the rise since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. South Pasadena remains significantly lower in these types of calls for service than surrounding agencies. We have not seen the increases others have with only two additional assaults reported. However, mental health related calls are up 37%.

The South Pasadena Police recognizes the stress many are facing during these uncertain times. We want to ensure the safety and well-being of all those in our community. The Police Department will be launching a public awareness campaign to stop the cycle of domestic violence.

 To increase awareness and prevention, the Police Department is implementing the following steps:

  1. The Police Department is working with the Chamber to post domestic violence flyers at all open essential business. The flyers encourage domestic violence reporting and provide resources.
  2. The Police Department website and social media accounts will display messages to raise awareness for both domestic violence and mental health.
  3. The Police Department’s E-Newsletter will contain information on both domestic violence and mental health reporting.
  4. Employees will observe Denim Day on April 29, 2020, as part of the Peace over Violence movement.
  5. Resources have been placed at the Police Department’s front counter and in patrol cars.

Calling 911 is the best way to reach out for help in an emergency situation, but if you can’t call or talk, you might be able to text. Whether you can’t make any noise because you don’t want to be discovered by an intruder, have a disability that prevents communicating with the operator or have poor cell reception and can’t get a voice call out, Text-to-911 is an important tool to keep in mind. It is simple to use, you just need to create a new text message in your phone’s messaging app, enter 911 as the recipient, type your message and press send. 

Joe Ortiz
Police Chief


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