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The South Pasadena Police would like to remind the members of our community to remain vigilant during these uncertain times. There has been a recent spike in the theft of gardening equipment from the back of pick-up trucks across the San Gabriel Valley. While gardeners are maintaining yards, their equipment is often left unattended. Unfortunately this creates an opportunity for thieves to not only steal the tools, but someone’s livelihood. 

Safety tips to deter thieves from stealing your equipment:

1. Secure your equipment in the back of your work trucks through some kind of locking device and or heavy duty cables which are not easily cut.
2. Have a person with your work truck at all times.
3. Carry a list of serial numbers for large items such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers, trimmers…etc.
4. Take a picture of your equipment, if it is stolen you may be able to identify equipment through photographs.
5. Etch your name and an identifying symbol on your equipment.

For more information, call the South Pasadena Police Department, (626) 403-7270

Joe Oriz
Police Chief


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