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On April 21st, the Police Department received this thank you letter to the PD, authored by 5-year old Ava.


The PD dropped by the author’s house today and thanked Ava for her kind words. We received the following email from Ava’s mother.

Police_Visit_4.22.2020-02 (00000003)

Dear Sergeant Ronnie,

Thank you so much for dropping by to visit my daughter!  She was beyond the moon, freaking out excited, and it really made an impression on her.  She went and told all the neighbors and we’re all still talking about it.  I don’t know what else to say, other than that was really great of you all to take the time to do that. We really appreciate it. I’m very sorry I missed it (the one time in 2 weeks I go to Vons… Dangit!).

I had a talk with Chief Ortiz and Sgt. Valencia a few weeks ago about a project I’m doing and they were just as helpful and kind as you guys are.  It’s people like you that make this town so amazing.  Not a day goes by that we don’t tip our hats in awe, respect and admiration for you all and the fine work you do.  Thank you for everything!

Jared, Ava and Lauren


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