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The Public Works Department, specifically the Parks Division, would like to take this opportunity to deliver great news. The triangular media located at Fair Oaks Avenue and Huntington Drive has been updated. The median turf was completely removed and replaced with aesthetically pleasing drought-tolerant landscaping with drip irrigation ensuring each plant receives water directly, and there is minimal wasted water. The City was able to work with the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) and secured funding to address this median.

City Staff worked diligently with local vendors and contractors to obtain competitive pricing. The City removed 12,510 square feet of turf netting a $25,000 contribution from MWD. The remaining funding of $7,780 was provided by the City’s water conservation funds that did not affect the General Fund. Upon completion of this project, the City is looking at further collaborating with MWD to update additional medians throughout the City. Please look forward to beautiful medians throughout the City! Kudos to the Public Works’ Parks staff for taking this initiative. 

Shahid Abbas
Public Works Director


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