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August 22nd would have been the 100th birthday of famed writer and public library advocate Ray Bradbury. In celebration of the Bradbury Centennial, South Pasadena’s Poet Laureate Ron Koertge has recorded a poem written in remembrance of Bradbury, and the Library is participating in the national Ray Bradbury Read-A-Thon. From August 22 through September 5, 2020, you can view a complete reading (in 3 parts) of Bradbury’s classic novel “Fahrenheit 451” featuring William Shatner, Neil Gaiman, Marlon James, Rachel Bloom, and many others, including South Pasadena-based Emmy winning actor James Reynolds. View a short promo featuring James Reynolds here and stream the reading here. Enjoy Koertge’s “In Memoriam” here. For more information, visit the Library’s Ray Bradbury Collection website.

Cathy Billings
Library Director

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