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Last month, South Pasadena Public Library’s Teen Advisory Board (TAB) launched its sixth cohort. TAB is made up of high school-aged volunteers dedicated to helping and improving the library. This semester TAB has 8 returning students and 10 first-time members.

This cohort will be busy! They have already provided feedback on a tutorial created by library staff for SPUSD’s e-book platform SORA. They studied the history of zines and made their own at home. Now they are testing the library’s new mobile app to provide the library with feedback before the app goes live. Throughout the spring, TAB will help the Library with a variety of ongoing projects, as well as advise on aspects of the Summer Reading Program for teens.

Check-out TAB Recommends, a list of reading recommendations for teens made by the fall TAB cohort. TAB members decided what genres to include and what books went under each genre.

TAB recruitment for the fall 2021 cohort will begin in July. For more information visit the TAB webpage or keep an eye on the library’s Instagram and Facebook for updates!

Cathy Billings
Library Director


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