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Vaccine Metric Update

Last Friday, the State announced updates to their Blueprint for a Safer Economy. In addition to assessing County case rates, positivity rates and positivity rates in neighborhoods with the lowest scores in the Healthy Places Index, the State is now taking into consideration the number of vaccinations that have been administered in the lowest resourced neighborhoods statewide. Unlike the other 3 metrics, vaccination numbers will be calculated statewide and used to change the case rate thresholds for counties to move from one tier to another.

Reopening Metrics

On Friday, the state also announced a plan to permit the reopening of outdoor sporting events, live outdoor concerts and theme parks, starting on April 1st.

Starting April 1st, outdoor sporting events and outdoor live concerts will be permitted with significant capacity and infection control modifications. For counties in the purple tier, capacity at these outdoor events will be limited to 100 people or less, reservations will be required, and concessions will not be allowed.  Only people who live in the region where the event is taking place will be permitted to attend.  Once in the red tier, these outdoor events can open at 20% capacity, limited to in-state visitors only; concessions will be allowed only while seated.  As counties move into less restrictive tiers, the allowed capacity will increase.

Theme parks can open for counties in the red tier at 15% of capacity with in-state visitors only, and as counties move into less restrictive tiers, the allowed capacity again increases.

Public Health is working with the Board of Supervisors and sector partners to plan safe re-openings in LA County at these newly re-opening venues.


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