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Vaccination Equity

As we vaccinate our residents who are 65 and older, we have been noting a very damaging pattern of disproportionality. White and Asian residents 65 and older continue to have the highest vaccination rates. As of March 6th, almost 56% of white residents and almost 53% of Asian residents 65 and older have received at least one dose of the vaccine while almost 48% of American Indian/Alaska Native residents, 43% of Latinx residents, and 38% of Black residents who are age 65 and older have received at least one dose.

And while these inequities are stark and unfair, we have been working to close these gaps and we have made some progress in improving vaccination rates in the hardest hit communities. The vaccination rate for Black residents saw the largest increase at almost 92%.  For American Indian/Alaska Native residents, the vaccine rate increased almost 70%, and Latinx residents’ vaccine rate increased by 65.8%. The vaccine rate for white residents increased by 46.1% and for Asian residents increased 44.3%.

As more groups become eligible to be vaccinated and we continue to have a shortage of supply, we are prioritizing closing these gaps and making sure that the hardest hit communities have access to the vaccine, and barriers that prevent this are mitigated.

Strategies to ensure this include:

  • Having sites in areas that have been most impacted by this pandemic and have the fewest resources;
  • Collaborating with faith based and community based partners to make appointments for community residents; and
  • Creating ways to solve transportation and registration barriers.

We will continue to work with our extraordinary partners to innovate and create ways that are tailored to our county and to the people who live here so that everyone has access to the vaccine.


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