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In 2019 and 2020, the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments (SGVCOG), was awarded funding to support housing and homelessness programs in the region. One of the key issues identified for regional coordination and collaboration was the need for an alternative crisis response for people experiencing homelessness and mental health crises.

The SGVCOG Regional Homeless, Mental Health, and Crisis Response Study will examine how a regional crisis response program could be developed and implemented in the San Gabriel Valley. RDA Consulting (RDA) was selected as the consultant for the project in December 2020 and the project began in February 2021.

The project will deeply involve regional stakeholder and community engagement and will produce an actionable implementation plan for the region.

To complete the study and develop the implementation plan, RDA will:

  • Conduct community outreach, data collection, and research to support an understanding of the existing crisis system in the San Gabriel Valley
  • Review and recommend potential program models and funding resources based on current and emerging alternative crisis models
  • Analyze the financial impacts of implementing a crisis response program in the region

The community’s input, perceptions, and needs will be critical in this work. We encourage participation from all community members. Please see below to learn about the multiple ways RDA and the SGVCOG are seeking meaningful community input throughout the study. These activities are in the planning phase, more details will be posted soon.


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee members are city staff from across the San Gabriel Valley region and include Police Lieutenants & Officers, City Homeless Program Supervisors, Housing Directors, Firefighters & Paramedics, Recreation and Community Services staff, and Human Services representatives. The Steering Committee will help guide the work, support outreach and data collection activities, and provide feedback in the development of the final report. The Steering Committee will also help recruit members of the Community Advisory Group.

Community Advisory Group

Having connections to local communities will help to ensure meaningful feedback from all areas of the San Gabriel Valley. Members of the Community Advisory Group should be well connected and understand the local crisis response, homelessness, and mental health landscape. The Community Advisory Group will meet virtually a total of three times between March and December of 2021. Between meetings, members will help support outreach and help to make sure RDA and the SGVCOG are talking to all the right people in the community forums. Members of the Community Advisory Group can be first responders, behavioral health or other front line providers, individuals with lived experience, or family members.

Community Forums

RDA will be hosting virtual meetings targeted to each of the following groups: 1) first responders (EMTs, law enforcement officers, and fire departments), 2) behavioral health providers from the San Gabriel Valley, and 3) consumers and family members. An additional meeting will be held with LA County Mental Health Department providers and staff. Dates for the forums will be announced soon and promoted through members of the Community Advisory Group and Steering Committee.

Online Survey

An online survey will be open to all people who live or work in the San Gabriel Valley region. The survey will help us understand the needs of the region, peoples’ experience of the current crisis response system, and to learn what the community would like to see in a re-imagined regional crisis response system. A link to the survey will be posted here soon.


Contact to get more information on the project


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