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As Memorial Day and the summer season comes near, many are planning travel, gatherings and parties to celebrate with the people we love. Just imagine how much more enjoyable those gatherings will be if you and your loved ones are vaccinated – you will be able to have fun without worry about spreading COVID-19. So as you’re making plans for food, drink, and decorations, make a plan to get vaccinated, too.

Depending on which vaccine you get, it is important to remember the time it takes to go from your first shot to fully vaccinated. For all of the vaccines, you are only considered fully protected two weeks after all doses are complete. For the one-dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine, that means you’re considered fully protected two weeks after your one shot. But for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, which both involve two shots several weeks apart, that means you’re only considered fully protected two weeks after your second shot.

Which you choose is up to you – but for a fun-filled and carefree summer together, it’s best to pick one and make a plan. It makes a lot of sense to think ahead about how to get the most out of your summer fun by making sure you are fully vaccinated in advance.


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