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South Pasadena Beautiful, a local environmental non-profit organization, held the Golden Arrows recognition awards in May 2021. The awards are presented annually by South Pasadena Beautiful to residents and businesses who do an outstanding job of planning and maintaining their properties. This year, SPB primarily looked for DIY gardens: ones in which the homeowner had not used professional landscaping services to design and/or work the garden. Below are some of our favorites – visit for the full list.

Wade Utsunomiya’s rock and cactus garden at 2006 Stratford includes water retention features and a zen type garden hidden from the front upon first look and only fully viewable from the center of the garden and the front porch.

Drought tolerant plantings welcome tenants and visitors to the Oxley Building at 1510 Oxley (property owners Ty Vanderford and Rodolfo Ruiz) with the low maintenance desert garden that complements the color scheme of the 1961 building and includes a variety of colorful cacti, succulents and Kangaroo Paw.

Sunita Borgohain’s spends many hours a week planning, adding and subtracting, always with an eye towards being water-wise and environmentally friendly at her garden at 312 Camino Verde. Once you round the bend to her house, the colors pull you in!

Remember, many water efficient plants and native trees qualify for a rebate! Visit for more details.


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