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You have most likely heard a lot in the news lately regarding the newly emerging COVID-19 Omicron Variant. Please see the California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) COVID-19 Fact Sheet Omicron Variant, dated November 28, 2021.The City of South Pasadena will continue to keep our community updates as we learn more information.

While we are still learning much about Omicron, we know enough about COVID-19 to take steps now that can reduce transmission as we prepare to better understand the additional strategies that may needed to mitigate this new variant of concern.

The most important strategy remains making sure that everyone 5 years and older gets fully vaccinated or receives their booster does as quickly as possible to reduce transmission of the virus dominating across the county. The vaccines are effective against the Delta variant and earlier strains of the virus which allows us to remain hopeful that the approved vaccines will also provide some protection against Omicron. However, given that there continues to be substantial transmission of COVID-19 and we have uncertainty about the level of vaccine efficacy against this new variant of concern, all residents across LA County need to be sure to adhere to the masking requirements and wear a mask when indoors or at large outdoor mega events regardless of vaccination status.

Thank you for keeping our communities safe!


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