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WHO says omicron Covid variant has spread to 38 countries

You have most likely heard a lot in the news lately regarding the newly emerging COVID-19 Omicron Variant. Please see the California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) COVID-19 Fact Sheet Omicron Variant, dated November 28, 2021, and Los Angeles County Public Health’s (Public Health) December 2, 2021 press release on the first local case of the Omicron Variant in LA County.

Here are steps LA County is taking: 

  • “Earlier this week, LA County health care providers received an advisory from Public Health detailing information on assessing risk and directions for submitting samples for sequencing.
  • Residents can also get daily updates on Omicron by clicking on the banner on our home page.
  • Our lab is coordinating with the State CDPH lab for the identification of Omicron with specimen testing, continuing to rely on the network of commercial and public health labs to ensure that we are receiving a representative assessment of the prevalent variants in LA County.
  • With 1.7 million students and staff back at schools this week after the Thanksgiving break, we are working with all school districts to reinforce the importance of existing school-based public health requirements and routine testing programs.
  • We also have teams realigning plans for protecting those most vulnerable, including those living and working at skilled nursing facilities, jails, and shelters. 
  • In partnership with LAX, the state, and CDC, we are standing up a rapid testing site at the international terminal to provide information and offer rapid testing to international travelers. We will be messaging the need for international travelers to comply with the federal quarantine and testing guidance.”


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