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On January 1, 2022, the City of South Pasadena implemented the food scrap collection for single-family home residents as required by state mandate, SB1383.

Residents will be required to separate their food scraps and food-soiled paper and discard them with their yard waste instead of their regular trash. The food scraps and food-soiled paper will be picked up by Athens as usual, but instead of it going to a landfill, these organics will be recycled into compost which will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions!

There are no additional changes to waste disposal or trash rates at this time. No new containers are required or will be provided and backyard service will continue as usual. At this time, food scrap collection applies to single-family homes only; organics collection requirements for multifamily and commercial accounts will be implemented in the following months.

By recycling your organics, you are a part of the solution in helping to protect the environment and future generations.

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