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Please see the following important updates to assist TK-12 schools during the Surge Period:  

Reopening Protocols for K-12 Schools: Appendix T1 (revised 1/17/22).
Changes in quarantine and testing requirements for students and staff based upon vaccination status or positive COVID-19 test in past 90 days. Attendance thresholds have been lowered for both outdoor Mega events (5,000 attendees) and indoor Mega Events (500 attendees).

COVID-19 Exposure Management Plan Guidance in TK-12 Schools: Appendix T2 (revised 1/18/22). Updated quarantine requirements and exemption criteria for close contacts. Updated the definition of the period of infectiousness for an individual with COVID-19, in alignment with isolation and quarantine guidance for the general public. Added two options for quarantining students who meet criteria for close contacts as defined both by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and in county protocols. The two options are individual contact tracing and group tracing. Added sample notification letters for isolation instructions and group tracing; modified the exposure notification letters for individual contact tracing. Added options for simplifying case identification and exposure management during a surge.

TK-12 Schools COVID-19 Toolkit webpage – including temporary measures for case identification and exposure management in schools during a surge period.

Please review this important information including: Sample Notification Templates (revised 1/17/22) Framework for Individual Contact Tracing and Group Tracing for STUDENTS (new 1/18/22) Flow charts for individual contact tracing including quarantine, isolation and testing pathways for students and staff (revised 1/18/22) Other pertinent information and resources can be found on the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health website at


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