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The South Pasadena City Council is considering changing the default Clean Power Alliance energy produce for commercial customers, from the current Clean rate (50% renewable energy) to the Green rate (100% renewable energy). If this is approved, the new rates will become effective in October, 2022.  As before, all customers have the choice to change their rate selection, they will be transitioned to the default rate unless they contact Clean Power Alliance to opt into another tier.

A bit of background: The default for residential customers is the Green rate; and more than 95% of residential customers are at that default rate. Most cities that are CPA member agencies have the Green rate for both their commercial and residential customers. South Pasadena is committed to becoming more sustainable and ‘green’, and this is a convenient way for businesses to join this effort. 

More information is available at . Customers can compare the rate differential for the different energy products for their own business, learn how to opt in or out of an energy product, and get other information and details. CPA indicates that the average increase in cost for small commercial businesses to change from the Clean to the Green product is about $5 per month. We also welcome input from our businesses at our 2/16/22 Council Meeting that could be accessed through the City’s website.


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