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A key priority post-surge is to ensure workers have protection from devastating consequences associated with COVID-19 illness by preventing spread at worksites.

As a reminder, employers are required to offer free medical grade masks and respirators (N95, KN95, KF94) to employees working indoors in close contact with other workers, customers, and/or members of the public at all sites where masking indoors is optional. At worksites where masking remains required, employers need to provide employees with free, well-fitting medical masks.

Employers are also obligated to offer testing free of charge during work hours to any employee exposed to COVID-19 at work.

In order to reduce transmission at worksites, employers are required to report any cluster of worksite COVID-19 cases to the Department of Public Health. A cluster is three (3) or more laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 at the worksite within a 14-day period. Reports to Public Health should be made as soon as possible and no later than 48 hours after reports or knowledge of at least three cases. Worksites can report a cluster to the Public Health online or by phone: 1-888-397-3993.  If Public Health determines that there is an outbreak at a worksite, employees are required to mask both indoors and outdoors if they can’t be socially distanced from each other, and during an outbreak, employees should be provided with free respirators.

To date, most employers have followed public health guidance and implemented measures to protect their workers, customers, and visitors. However, workers concerned about possible COVID-19 or other workplace safety concerns, or that an employer may not be following the County Health Officer Order or other requirements, have several options for filing a complaint. To file a complaint with Public Health, which can be submitted anonymously, workers can call the Environmental Health Customer Call Center at (888) 700-9995 or click on the “Report a Problem” at To file a complaint with Cal/OSHA about employee safety, workplace safety, or hazardous conditions, workers can call (833) 579-0927 or call or email the local Cal/OSHA Enforcement Office that serves the location of the job site.


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